Q. 1 What does Manpower Link Pvt Ltd do?
Manpower Link Pvt Ltd is an overseas recruitment services agency specialising in connecting talented job seekers with exciting job opportunities worldwide

Q.2 What industries does Manpower Link Pvt Ltd provide staffing solutions for?
Manpower Link Pvt Ltd provides customized staffing solutions tailored to specific requirements for various industries, including engineering, construction, hospitality, healthcare, IT, and more.

Q 3. What is the global reach of Manpower Link Pvt Ltd?
Manpower Link Pvt Ltd serves clients and job seekers worldwide with an extensive network that allows the agency to source talent from all corners of the world.

Q 4. Why should I choose Manpower Link Pvt Ltd for my recruitment needs?
Manpower Link Pvt Ltd has a wealth of experience in sourcing, screening, and placing top talent, provides customized solutions tailored to specific needs, has a vast network of candidates and clients worldwide, and has many satisfied clients.

Q 5. What types of job profiles does Manpower Link Pvt Ltd recruit for?
Manpower Link Pvt Ltd recruits for a wide range of job profiles across various industries, including civil/architecture, electrical, mechanical, security, heavy equipment, administration, hotel & hospitality, agriculture & plantation, denting & painting, power/gas/water treatment plants, medical/paramedical, manufacturing & production, and more.

Q 6. What types of positions are included in the administration job profile?
The administration job profile includes positions such as project/PR managers, accountants/cashiers, secretaries/executives, sales/store keepers, and computer operators.

Q 7. What is the denting & painting job profile?
The denting & painting job profile includes sand/building/industrial painting positions, cleaning/housekeeping, and related tasks.

Q 8. How can I get in touch with Manpower Link Pvt Ltd?
To learn more about Manpower Link Pvt Ltd's services and how they can help you achieve your staffing goals, you can contact them through their website, email, or phone.