Our Services


Our proven recruitment assessment and selection methods ensure that we find you the right person with right skills, making every opening an opportunity.


Manpowerlink Pvt. Ltd. has worked with over 100 organizations from different fields. We support the needs of employees for a safe and productive workplace and employee engagement, while bringing the value of employees and goals of management into organized alliance. We provide manpower to our valued clients in various fields.


HR has an ability to support a wide range of business models and workforce. Manpowerlink Pvt. Ltd. is involved ni building, smoothing and strengthen the manpower capabilities of any business firm. We help in delivering the best outcome through our functional solutions.

HR Consulting

We can show you how to align your business stardegy with your workforce strategy, improving your work models, people practices, talent resourcing and talent management to increase your organization’s agility and competitiveness.