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Date: March 24, 2020

What sets us Apart
We are Nepal’s number one manpower recruitment company; we supply professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled human resources all over the world. Since our establishment, we have been dedicating on the promotion of human resource development.

Our proven recruitment, assessment and selection methods ensure that we identify the talent with the necessary skills and personal attributes that will add value to any organization that we serve with recruitment solutions.

We offer a full array of resources, short term and midterm vocational training, to ensure that your talent has the skills and knowledge needed to drive any business forward.

We align your workforce strategy with your business strategy, improving work models and increasing the agility and the competiveness of your workforce and your entire organization.

We provide innovative outsourcing solutions across a wide range of disciplines. Gulf Cooperation Council’s leading companies turn to us for Talent Based Outsourcing, Recruitment Process, and Borderless Talent Solutions.

We help you respond to changing work conditions abroad and emerging business opportunities by strategically mobilizing and sizing your skills and experience to meet the needs of your personal development goals. We believe in our easy, fast and reliable approaches on service delivery to our valued clients. Since our initiation on 2002 A.D, we have catered to our clients’ growing needs of manpower from Nepal to their optimum satisfaction in terms of quality of service as well as quality of the employees. We are fully committed towards providing constructive value additions to our clients providing loyal, decent, capable, and suitable candidate who portrays a positive image. We build interdependent relationship between employer and employee focusing on optimum production and productivity.
Highly Experienced, Professional and Dedicated Team
Well-Equipped Office
Strong Online Based Data Bank
Wide Range of Selection Opportunities
Wide Networking in Domestic Market
Expansion of Worldwide Network
Hundreds of Satisfied Clients
Highly professional and trained recruitment consultants
Continuous Growth
Complete Online and Offline Services
Recognized Polytechnic School for Practical Trade Test and Training
Recognized Medical Testing Center
Online Recruitment Portal